Committed to providing excellence to the pipeline industry

With the recent addition of a new vacuum truck to its fleet, Abletech Underground is charting a path of steady growth and expansion within the pipeline industry.   

A commitment to providing specialist industry solutions for utility protection and maintenance across the construction, mining, and civil industries, Abletech Underground is on the trajectory to become a leading supplier in the pipeline industry.

When looking at its presence, progression, and its recent strategic investment of $1 million, it reinforces that there is no slowing down.

Abletech Underground has allocated the purchase of $1 million in essential assets and infrastructure. This included acquiring an additional vacuum truck, two utility locating vehicles, and establishing a depot in the Surat Basin, Queensland.

Abletech Underground Operations Manager Kelsee Stevens said this move not only bolstered Abletech Underground’s operational capabilities, but also positioned the company to cater for demand in the region.

“The Surat basin is certainly an area of focus for our team, but it is also a gateway to further regions,” Stevens said.

“Our new depot in the basin has allowed to support projects in a vast wider region.”

Abletech Underground has allocated the purchase of $1 million in additional assets. Image: Abletech Underground

Nestled in Queensland’s outback, the Surat Basin is known for its coal seam gas and conventional gas reserves.

The basin has attracted significant attention from energy companies seeking to harness its reserves, making it a lucrative market for pipeline projects.

Its strategic location and rich resource potential serve as a vital conduit for transporting gas to domestic and international markets.

It is safe to say Abletech Underground’s success isn’t solely attributed to capital investments, but also through investing in its workforce.

The company prioritises its staff through upskilling and training programs.

By nurturing staff and equipping them with the latest industry knowledge and techniques, the Abletech Underground ensures a high level of competency across its workforce.

“By investing in our personnel to acquire advanced industry skills, it ensures that their contribution made onsite will assist in the progression and success of our clients’ projects,” Stevens said.

“It not only assists our clients, but ensures our staff have every opportunity to succeed within their role.”

According to Stevens, the company’s growth doesn’t stop here, but only the beginning.

“We are actively seeking new projects and new clients,” Stevens said.

“The Abletech team is excited to focus on developing long term relationships, and a quality service personalised to each of our clients’ needs.”

With a supportive workforce and new equipment under its belt, Abletech Underground is making ground within the pipeline industry as a preferred supplier.

As the demand for pipeline projects continues to rise, Abletech Underground remains primed to capitalise on emerging opportunities and set new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

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This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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