Coates recognised as mature age workers’ champion

The Certificate was presented at the Ministerial Mature Age Employment Futures Forum, where a number of business leaders debated key issues regarding prolonged employment, and explored avenues to encourage mature age workers to continue to participate in the workforce.

Coates has a strong tradition of developing employees through the ranks and enabling mature age workers to continue to contribute to its strong growth. With 18 per cent of employees over the age of 50 and a low staff turnover, locking in valuable experience is a key objective for the company. In addition to retaining knowledgeable staff, Coates also actively attracts new employees from higher age groups. In the past 12 months, nearly one in ten of new hires have been over 50 years old. The company intuitively recognises the value and contributions older workers can make to the company and the industry, and is rewarded for its approach with employees choosing to stay for the long haul.

In addition to Coates’ Mature Age Workers agenda, Malcolm Jackman is committed to delivering a stronger emphasis on people issues in general across the business.

“Within the broader range of Human Resource Strategies, we do not see age as a barrier to offers of employment, access to personal development or continued participation in the Coates workforce,” Mr Jackman said.

“Instead, the company recognises it is important to provide opportunities and make people-decisions around the skills and experience that will help it grow and succeed. Although we have a solid tradition of respecting mature age workers at Coates, we need to continue to champion additional HR initiatives that develop and recognise our employees both for what they bring to the business upon hiring and for the additional attributes we can develop with them during their employment with us,” he concluded.

About Coates

Coates is Australia’s largest equipment hire company with over 115 years of experience in the industry, supplying to a wide variety of markets including engineering civil construction, building construction and maintenance, mining and resources, manufacturing, government, industrial shutdowns, and events.

With over 130 branch and satellite locations across Australia and its own maintenance and transport capability, Coates is well positioned to satisfy the equipment hire needs of its customer base.

Coates’ overseas operations consist of Coates Rentair with 11 locations across the UK providing specialised equipment to industry, and Coates Hire Indonesia with eight locations supporting the mining and resource sector.

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