CNC completes first 18 months of operation

CNC Managing Director Dave Maloney says, “CNC Projects is not just about land-owner negotiations as a lot of people may think. The concept behind it is to be able to take on a lot of the front end planning and project facilitation that engineers and project managers would prefer not to know about, such as permitting, community and government liaison, indigenous issues and, yes, definitely lots of landholder negotiations. It has been an exiting 18 months and I am particularly happy with the diversity of projects and the varying levels of involvement that we have been able to take on with projects such as gas pipelines, water pipelines, powerlines, powerstations, a proposed gas plant and even some offshore work.”

Mr Maloney was awarded an APIA Young Achievement Award at last year’s APIA Convention and is currently chairing a working group to review and update the APIA/VFF guidelines for landowners and industry.

Projects recently undertaken by CNC Project Management include:

Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project – GWM Water
CNC has undertaken all Native Title negotiations and agreements, all archaeology and site clearance work (approx. 9,000 km of pipeline alignment), management of construction monitoring arrangements and facilitation of aboriginal employment.

West Seahorse Project – 3D Oil
This project has required the identification of preferred options and locations for pipelines, gas and oil processing facilities and associated ancillary infrastructure, planning of regulatory compliance and permitting paths.

Basker-Manta-Gummy Gas Pipeline Project – Anzon Australia Limited
CNC has been responsible for community and key stakeholder consultation and negotiations, landholder easement and site purchase negotiations, Native Title and Cultural Heritage.

Uranquinty Powerstation – ERM Power Limited
CNC has managed all landholder issues associated with the re-construction of approximately 20 km of duel 132 kV powerlines.

Wellington Powerstation – ERM Power Limited
Preliminary alignment selection and landholder negotiations for a 100 km gas pipeline.

Bega Powerstation – ERM Power Limited
CNC carried out preliminary alignment selection and landholder liaison for potential gas pipeline.

Cobar Powerstation – ERM Power Limited
Preliminary alignment selection and landholder negotiations for a 90 km gas pipeline for 130 km of 132 kV powerline.

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