Clearflow offers the advantage of experience

Specialising in pigging and air scouring for the maintenance of any pipeline, Clearflow is well positioned to offer expertise and professional methodology of procedures with any service.

Pigging solutions

With 20 years of pigging pipeline knowledge, Clearflow provides solutions to complex pipeline cleaning problems, including:

  • Commissioning pipelines for new gas plants before positioning and connection to the plant;
  • Removing heavy-carbon baked-on scale of heater exchange pipeline with multiple 180 degree bends;
  • Removing sand, mussel and sea shell from pipelines 30 m below the sea surface running 1000 m offshore; and,
  • Removing built up sludge from seepage pits and pipelines deep underground in traffic tunnels crisscrossing city limits.

Clearflow approaches each of its projects separately to ensure that tailor-made solutions always work as effectively as possible, ensuring client and consumer satisfaction.


Refurbishing the internal bore of all pipelines is complex, however, with years of experience, Clearflow’s services include:

  • Removal of scale and debris build-up;
  • De-watering, bore polishing, dust removal and dew-point achievability;
  • Removal of bacterial bio-film and security of water quality standards;
  • Eliminate dirty water problems and complaints;
  • Value-add service to clients;
  • Confirm mapping information and records;
  • Consult on design and/or improvements to water reticulation systems, water flows and pressure readings;
  • Water testing/sampling with recorded results;
  • Flow and pressure readings; and,
  • Solve complex cleaning issues associated with most pipeline assets.

Industry experience

With its knowledge of pipeline maintenance, Clearflow Australia has built a large client base across the nation and brings its knowledge, experience and professionalism to various clients across industries, including:

  • Councils, water authorities and government departments;
  • Mining and gas companies;
  • Plants and construction sites;
  • Project, civil and consulting engineers; and,
  • Industrial, commercial and everything associated with a pipeline asset.
  • The mobilisation of Clearflow’s crew and equipment means that the company can service clients Australia-wide.

Clearflow is committed to producing the desired results effectively and economically, in the best interests of its clients.

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