Vermeer’s all new D100x140 S3 HDD packs a punch

Vermeer Australia’s newest addition to its horizontal directional drill line up – the D100x140 S3 – is both versatile and powerful, and designed as the perfect addition for utility contractors working in trenchless or pipeline projects. Read More

Sentanil CMS supports pipeline construction

Quality data traceability and management for gas, slurry and water pipeline construction can be greatly assisted through the use of Sentanil Systems CMS mobile devices and office database, to support the requirements of a pipeline project’s quality system and field data capture.
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Pipeline construction for Kangaroo Island underway

50 km pipeline for Kangaroo Island

An additional supply of drinking water is coming to Kangaroo Island, with 50 km of pipeline being delivered and installed to connect four communities to a new desalination plant. Read More
Water pipeline for Pioneer

New pipeline for Pioneer

TasWater intends to deliver a pipeline of treated water to Pioneer on Tasmania’s northeast, eventually replacing all pipework in the town.
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Vacuworx on NGI project

Vacuworx on NGI

The Vacuworx MC 5 has been providing vacuum lift services on the latest developments to the Northern Goldfields Interconnect project in Western Australia.
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