Pipe Tek

Handling the pressure: Cleaning and testing results from Pipe Tek

From remote locations in Western Australia and the Cooper Basin to sites with a limited footprint in Queensland, Pipe Tek is achieving fast results that deliver superior data and more confidence in the integrity of their customers’ gas, water and CO2 pipelines. The Australian Pipeliner spoke with managing director Myles Brannelly and chief operating officer Taddam Farrant about the delivery of some of the company’s most important and challenging projects yet.
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The power of productivity tools

The Australian Pipeliner spoke with McElroy Manufacturing Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Jim Johnston to discuss the process of heavy wall pipe fusions and the power of McElroy’s productivity tools.
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A milestone anniversary for the ages

Growing from installing 10km of high-pressure pipeline from a gas field in the 1920s to becoming a leading global contractor in pipelines and associated facilities, Spiecapag is celebrating 100 years of constructing gas pipelines in 2023.
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