Going gas-tronomic with MasterChef

Cooking with gas just took on a whole new meaning with MasterChef Australia’s new world-first partnership for the franchise, using carbon neutral biomethane in the kitchen and hydrogen gas in a unique barbecue challenge. Read More

Focusing on the environment with AGIG

This year’s report focuses on Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)’s commitment to improving long-term impacts to the environment in the interests of its customers, community and employees while delivering best-practice performance as one of Australia’s largest gas infrastructure businesses. Read More
In Malaysia, STATS has a track record of successful project work dating back to 2011.

Growth on the horizon

A number of completed landmark projects, greater market recognition, and a long-standing policy of localisation has strengthened STATS Group’s presence in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific hydrocarbon sector. Read More
Anderson’s current role is responsible for executing all of Jemena's major natural gas and renewable gas projects.

Managing major gas projects

The Australian Pipeliner sat down with Zinfra’s Acting General Manager of Projects and Infrastructure Justin Anderson about his role and his team’s work within the pipeline industry. Read More

Melbourne mains all hydrogen ready

Australian Gas Networks (AGN), part of Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG), just completed two decades of upgrades to its infrastructure, which means the city’s gas mains are hydrogen-ready. Read More