Emissions reduction

Emissions reduction process needs to change

By Jordan McCollum, National Policy Manager, APGA. The months since the Federal Election has seen the pace of legislative change around energy and emissions policy ramp to record pace. But key shortcomings in ongoing reforms mean energy users ultimately have few decarbonisation pathways beyond electrification or a radical change in their business model. 
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Australasian Corrosion Consultants

Advocates for corrosion prevention

Australasian Corrosion Consultants’ team of engineers are armed with the extensive knowledge that comes from over 50 years’ experience in corrosion, mechanical, material and electrical engineering.
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TRACTO strengthens Prime Drilling partnership, delivers new machines

TRACTO Australia’s partnership with fellow German HDD manufacturer, Prime Drilling, has entered a new phase, moving from an agent to a distributor. The change coincides with TRACTO delivering two Prime machines to local contactors, backed-up by the company’s industry leading training, services, support and spare parts.
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Reinforcing gender stereotypes

By Margaret Gayen on behalf of the APGA WPF Advocacy Committee Women are irrational. Men pay on dates. Girls are just naturally better at caring. Boys like cars. Most of us would agree that the first two of these statements are problematic, but how many of us would casually accept the last two?
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