PAC East Coast Sales Manager Matt Nash.

Q&A with PAC’s Matt Nash

Pipeline Actuation and Control’s (PAC) Matt Nash shares his experiences in the pipeline industry and how he became involved in the Young Pipeliners Forum and the work the committee is doing.  Read More
Australia hydrogen

Is Australia ready for the next hydrogen phase?

APGA’s 2022 Building Hydrogen Infrastructure Symposium has set the tone for Australia’s renewable energy future, demonstrating that the pipeline and infrastructure industries are ready to take on the infrastructure challenges to come. Read More

RoGeo PD – A new platform for pipeline movement screening

Throughout Australia and Oceania, recent climate change has intensified rainfall and raised the mean temperature, causing hydrological hazards such as shifting debris, landslides, erosion and flooding. Pipelines are particularly vulnerable to those geohazards, which can result in pipeline movement and bending strain. Remaining undetected, those stresses will cause these lines to fail.  Read More
Green hydrogen storage in NZ FFI

Pipeline association welcomes changes to gas law

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) has welcomed the decision by state and federal representatives at the Energy Ministers Meeting (EMM) to amend the national gas and energy laws to include hydrogen and other renewable gases. Read More

New solutions in pipe transportation

For more than 50 years, Pollard’s Sawdust Supplies has been providing practical, simple and effective packing options by processing virgin timber into sawdust and wood shavings and packaging them in durable hessian or poly-woven bags. Read More

Vermeer’s all new D100x140 S3 HDD packs a punch

Vermeer Australia’s newest addition to its horizontal directional drill line up – the D100x140 S3 – is both versatile and powerful, and designed as the perfect addition for utility contractors working in trenchless or pipeline projects. Read More