Past, present and future: supporting mining operations with historical, real-time and forecast data

The key to improving operational effectiveness in any mining operation is a pipeline monitoring strategy that includes leak detection, maintenance and operations management and prioritises a data-driven approach made up of historical, real-time and forecast data. The Australian Pipeliner sat down with Atmos International’s Kaidy Kho to discuss why Atmos is a leader in mining solutions. Read More
Empire Infrastructure

Building an Empire

Empire Infrastructure is continuing to showcase its position as a leading supplier of pipeline systems with Future Pipe Industries’ Fiberstrong™. 
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Atmos International

A multilayered approach to mining pipeline leak detection

The range of benefits presented by a mining operation cannot be denied, but neither can the disadvantages, especially if a leak occurs. A multilayered approach to pipeline leak detection that considers the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors of mining is crucial to maximise value.
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