The Vermeer D100x140 S3 HDD in action.

Enhancing safety and compliance with proper equipment

In any construction project, having the right equipment is not just a convenience or a preference; it is a necessity. Construction projects are fraught with risks and uncertainties, ranging from worker safety concerns to environmental impacts and legal requirements. Investing in trusted, industry-leading machinery can ensure compliance and maintain safety onsite. Read More
Peter Norman Personnel

Ask an expert: Kate Cuic on employment in the gas and pipeline sector

The pipeline and gas industry is facing a looming skilled workers shortage as the sector undergoes a period of dramatic change. The Australian Pipeliner talks to specialist recruiter at Peter Norman Personnel Kate Cuic about hiring trends, how work culture has changed under COVID-19, and how the global energy transition is impacting jobs in the industry.
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Parmelia Gas Pipeline

HDD installations on the Parmelia Gas Pipeline

The shifting sands of Perth can add complexity to trenchless projects; however, with good drilling practices and a swift, well-planned schedule, running sand is no obstacle for horizontal directional drilling. With expert knowledge and this extensive preparation, UEA was able to complete vital replacement works on one of Western Australia’s most significant gas pipelines.
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hydrogen vessel

NSW reveals hydrogen strategy

The New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet unveiled a strategy alongside energy magnate Andrew Forrest on Wednesday 13 October, to invest $3 billion into hydrogen hubs. 
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Green hydrogen storage in NZ FFI

QLD’s $1b hydrogen project

The Queensland premier said the government has a strategy to partner with the private sector to make Queensland a world leader in advanced manufacturing and hydrogen generation.
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Cara Robb

Women in pipelines: Cara Robb

Historically, low female participation has been an ongoing issue in energy industries, with companies struggling to attract, retain and promote women. The APGA is attempting to shift this imbalance by offering more women’s networking opportunities and leadership development programs. The Australian Pipeliner sat down with two women who are challenging the conventional stereotypes and paving the way for future female industry figures.
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Kate Cuic fighting unconscious bias in the workplace

Unconscious bias in recruitment

The energy sector is one of the lowest ranked in terms of female representation in leadership positions. As such, the industry is currently facing an ageing workforce and a demand for new skills, with declining appeal among younger people.
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