The Vermeer D100x140 S3 HDD in action.

Enhancing safety and compliance with proper equipment

In any construction project, having the right equipment is not just a convenience or a preference; it is a necessity. Construction projects are fraught with risks and uncertainties, ranging from worker safety concerns to environmental impacts and legal requirements. Investing in trusted, industry-leading machinery can ensure compliance and maintain safety onsite. Read More
Pipe Tek

Pipeline integrity simplified on show at APGA Exhibition

Have you ever seen the results of an intelligent pipeline pig that can collect five different data sets in the one pass? APGA Convention and Exhibition Major Sponsor Pipe Tek will be demonstrating how you can simplify your pipeline integrity and maintenance at booth #56 and #57 during the event, aiming to save you time and money.
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7 factors to consider when hiring a pipeline leak detection specialist

Leak detection is an essential component of pipeline risk management, alerting operators to leaks quickly to prevent further damage. There are a range of companies in Australia that provide leak detection services – but how do you know which company will provide the best service for your pipeline system? Here, Pipe Tek runs through the 7 main considerations when choosing a reliable service provider.
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Australasian Corrosion Consultants

Advocates for corrosion prevention

Australasian Corrosion Consultants’ team of engineers are armed with the extensive knowledge that comes from over 50 years’ experience in corrosion, mechanical, material and electrical engineering.
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