• Photo of A Gift for Gab: the Captain Courageous Charity Walk

    A Gift for Gab: the Captain Courageous Charity Walk

    Walking 230 km in one week might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Maloney Field Services’ Jamahl Waddington it is an opportunity to raise funds to fight an extremely rare blood disease known as Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA).

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  • Photo of Memories of constructing the Roma-Brisbane Pipeline

    Memories of constructing the Roma-Brisbane Pipeline

    The 440 km Roma to Brisbane natural gas pipeline is Australia's oldest gas pipeline, and heralded the dawn of an industry - not only in Queensland, but across the nation. Bruce McCaul was a Field Manager in Roma for Associated Group AAR during the construction of the pipeline and recounts his memories to The Australian Pipeliner.

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  • Photo of Rowing in remembrance: a pipeliner at the Gallipoli centenary

    Rowing in remembrance: a pipeliner at the Gallipoli centenary

    Returning from a trip to Gallipoli, where he rowed in the Gallipoli 100 surfboat event through the Dardanelles, long-time pipeline industry member Ron Trembath talks to The Australian Pipeliner about the experience of being at the famous peninsula for the centenary memorial of the ANZAC landings.

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  • Photo of Lessons from a European pipeliner: Phil Hopkins

    Lessons from a European pipeliner: Phil Hopkins

    Upon his retirement from the industry, renowned international pipeliner and previous Penspen Technical Director Professor Phil Hopkins spoke to The Australian Pipeliner about managing ageing pipelines, the necessity of good mentoring and training, and the importance of cultivating skilled, knowledgeable workers in the pipeline industry.

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  • Photo of An explosive anniversary

    An explosive anniversary

    It is seven years since the Varanus Island gas explosion off the coast of Western Australia, where, on 3 June 2008, a corroded pipeline ruptured and exploded on the Island's gas processing plant near Karratha.

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  • Photo of Longford replacement starts rolling

    Longford replacement starts rolling

    One of the oldest pipelines in Victoria is nearing the end of its operational life, and plans are well advanced for the construction of a replacement pipeline to ensure supply continues uninterrupted.

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  • Photo of A departing SA stalwart: Geoff Balmer

    A departing SA stalwart: Geoff Balmer

    In December 2013 Geoff Balmer announced his retirement from APA Group and the Australian pipeline industry after an influential and successful 35-year career. Originally working for the Pipeline Authority of South Australia, Geoff has been an integral part of the South Australian pipeline industry in particular, and his exceptional welding knowledge and experience is held in high regard by those who have worked with him and learnt from him.

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  • Photo of Ted Metcalfe engages QLD YPF

    Ted Metcalfe engages QLD YPF

    The Queensland Young Pipeliners Forum started 2014 on a high note by holding their first event of the year on 21 February 2014.

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  • Vale: Craig Bentley

    In March 2014 the pipeline industry has lost one of its leading engineering practitioners with the sad passing of Craig Bentley, due to illness.

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  • Photo of SEA Gas celebrates ten years  of gas deliveries to SA

    SEA Gas celebrates ten years of gas deliveries to SA

    The Port Campbell to Adelaide high-pressure natural gas pipeline owned by South East Australia Gas reached a major milestone on 1 January 2014, marking the tenth anniversary since it started gas flows amid challenging circumstances.

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  • Photo of Legends: Stephen Timms

    Legends: Stephen Timms

    Stephen Timms has been an integral part of Australia's pipeline industry for over 40 years, spending the majority of his career on the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline in the area of operations and engineering. In 2000 Stephen formed his own consultancy after a period serving as APIA President.

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  • Photo of Ken Bilston OAM

    Ken Bilston OAM

    Ken's prodigious career in Australia's pipeline industry, which has also seen him work throughout Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan and Nigeria, initially began working on the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority's large steel water pipelines.

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  • Photo of Sourcing pipeline equipment  in the 1970s

    Sourcing pipeline equipment in the 1970s

    The perilous tale of how some of Australia's earliest pipeline building equipment arrived on our shores.

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  • Photo of What I know about pipelines

    What I know about pipelines

    Bob Gration, NDT Specialist, 61 years in the pipeline industry.

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  • Photo of Bob Papp

    Bob Papp

    As one of the most experienced welders in the Australian pipeline industry, Bob Papp has made his mark on some of the country's biggest pipelines and set a pipe welding record with his lifelong colleague and friend Fred Verna on the Roma to Brisbane Pipeline.

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  • A brief history of cathodic protection

    Cathodic protection is often seen as a black-box technology - something that only experts can understand. However, the history of cathodic protection dates back over 188 years, and the science behind it is well understood.

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  • New book details the Legends of our industry

    As long-time members of the industry will attest, everyday Australian pipeline industry vernacular is full of colourful references and anecdotes related to the pioneering men - the "˜legends' - of the industry. Such is the strength of these inspiring and entertaining stories that Great Southern Press, publisher of The Australian Pipeliner, has released a book to document these legends' biographies.

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  • Stuart McDonald

    At the fresh age of 23, Stuart began his career by working in the pipeline industry with McConnell Dowell in New Zealand in 1963. Stuart had previously trained as a civil engineer with a consulting firm and gained the qualification of a "˜MICE' - a chartered engineer.

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  • Barry Wood

    Three weeks work - that was what I was offered in 1969 - three weeks work on a Pearson Holiday detection survey of the 750 mm Longford to Dandenong Gas Pipeline recently completed by Saipem for the Gas & Fuel Corporation.

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  • Reflections on an industry stalwart: Barry Wood

    Throughout his lengthy career in the Australian pipeline industry, Barry Wood has made an indelible impact on the industry, most notably through what is now known as The Australian Pipeliner. Barry made many great friendships within the industry, and now some of those friends have shared their reflections of working with Barry, marking the occasion of his recent retirement.

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  • The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme

    The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme is one of the most complex integrated water and hydro-electric power schemes in the world. The scheme, which was constructed from 1949-74, was a pioneering engineering feat for Australia and the world, and remains a fixture in Australia's calendar of historical achievements.

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  • The Savage River Slurry Pipeline

    The world's first slurry pipeline, transporting iron ore, was built in Tasmania in 1967. N.T. (Norm) Cowper, the principal of SlurrySystems, was the superintendent responsible for construction, start-up and operation of the pipeline for the first one-and-a-half years of operation. The system was a highly successful operation, which paved to way for worldwide acceptance of transportation of coal and other minerals over long distances by pipeline.

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  • Pipeline legend: Tony Tschappeller

    Tony Tschappeller has been in the pipeline industry for nearly 50 years, working on a number of projects for Prentice Brothers and Minson, Nacap and Mitchell Water. Despite his initial decision to retire, he is still making his mark on the industry today.

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  • A bright future in the Pipeliner

    In 2011, The Australian Pipeliner is more committed than ever to capturing the challenges and successes of Australia's pipeliners and sharing those stories with the rest of the industry. We travel through regional, remote and metropolitan Australia meeting the men and women who dedicate their careers to bringing energy and water to Australian communities safely and efficiently - speaking with them about their latest projects, products and services.

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  • Jim Kwiatkowski

    Veteran pipe welder Jim Kwiatkowski talks to Barry Wood about the challenges, changes and colourful characters he's seen throughout a 40-year career.

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  • Gerald Minson

    Gerald graduated from Melbourne University in 1965, the same year that gas was discovered in Bass Strait.

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