Casing spacers with rollers save time and money during installation


Advance Products & Systems (APS) presents ApogeeAero® Roller Casing Spacers, with a revolutionary anti-corkscrewing feature specifically designed to fit into a smaller annular space while upholding higher load strengths than any other low-profile, high-load casing spacer roller offered on the market.

The ApogeeAero® Roller features an engineered, hardened bearing, axle and caster, while providing cathodic isolation and strength capabilities of glass filled nylon polymer. Incorporating this roller design with APS proprietary anti-corkscrewing technology eliminates any corkscrewing or spiraling of the casing spacer during installation without the use of a guide or other aid.

This makes it the most innovative casing spacer ever to be introduced to the market. Anti-corkscrewing rollers are available in four sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, with dynamic loads up to 6,000 lbs and static loads up to 12,500 lbs per roller.

APS manufactures anti-corkscrewing roller casing spacers in various sizes to accommodate pipe diameters from 4-inch to 120-inch or larger. These can satisfy specific customer requirements for practically every carrier pipe application, such as positioning multiple carriers or clusters with one casing, centering small carriers within large casings, positioning thermally insulated pipe without damaging the insulation, positioning gravity sewer to on-grade requirements, and much more.

ApogeeAero® Casing Spacers can be manufactured with fusion-coated steel or stainless steel with modular runner-risers or rollers on the top. These low-profile, high-strength anti-corkscrewing rollers are cost competitive against traditional runners while still cathodically isolating the carrier pipes from the casing pipe.  APS is the first choice in ensuring the integrity of a carrier pipe when installed in casing.

Not only are they cost competitive, but they can carry heavy loads while reducing the coefficient of friction from 0.2 to 0.06 – 70 per cent less – thus increasing the average installation speeds by up to five times, from 3-5 ft per minute to upwards of 15 ft per minute.

Carrier pipe pushes are installed five to seven times faster than casing spacers with runners and require no greasing of the casing pipe. Unlike traditional casing spacers, the design of the anti-corkscrewing ApogeeAero® Roller Casing Spacer eliminates the need for a guide or greasing of the casing pipe inside diameter and decreases installation time, size of equipment, and overall cost of the project.

The ApogeeAero® Casing Spacer is available through Savcor Products Australia Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information please contact your local Savcor Products Australia representative or visit the Savcor website. 

This article featured in the March 2022 issue of The Australian Pipeliner. Click here to view the digital magazine.  



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