Tremco Pipeline Equipment supplies high-quality pipeline construction, corrosion protection, maintenance, emergency response, and emissions reduction equipment to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

With over 30 years in business, the company prides itself on its long-standing relationships with leading international suppliers, and its strong reputation of integrity, honesty and reliability.

The team is able to provide industry-leading training and support for its products.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment is an agent and distributor for:

  • BAC Corrosion Control – cathodic protection equipment.
  • BKW – pig switches, sealing and non sealing.
  • Cactus Flow Products – pig valves.
  • CDI – pig tracking and locating equipment.
  • COTT – CP test stations.
  • CRC Evans – automatic welding, automatic coating and Nexray digital real time radiography system.
  • Darby Equipment – pipeline construction equipment.
  • Envirocal – run on your own Caliper pigs and MFL tools.
  • FlowStop – low-pressure inflatable pipe stopper bags.
  • Girard Industries – pipeline cleaning pigs, polyfoam, mandrel, solid cast urethane.
  • Industrial Degauss – pipe demagnetising equipment.
  • In-Line Flow Products – quick opening closures.
  • Maloney – casing insulators, pig signallers, spheres, test stations, cement plugs, end seals.
  • ONIS – quick action line blinds and filter changers.
  • Petro-Line Construction Group – Petrosleeve permanent steel compression repair sleeve.
  • PLIDCO – high-pressure bolt-on pipeline leak repair fittings and Type B sleeves.
  • RCSL – corrosion monitoring equipment.
  • Sawyer Mfg – pipe cutting, bevelling, line up clamps and other welding equipment.
  • SPY – holiday detectors and pig trackers.
  • Texas Pneumatic – Venturi air movers, air manifolds, inline lubricators and more.
  • WeldFit – hot tap and line stop fittings, automated pig launchers and receivers.
  • ZEVAC – cross compression emission reduction equipment

Plus all related pipeline products.

Available for hire: CRC Evans 6-inch to 20-inch Pipe Bender, ZEVAC TWIN HP, 12-inch to 24-inch roller cradles, 36-inch to 48-inch roller cradles, industrial degauss pipe demagnetisation unit, and SPY holiday detectors.

Pipeline emergency response is available 24 hours a day.

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