Bulk Water pipeline on the way

The 1 m diameter pipeline has been planned by the Bulk Water Alliance – which consists of ACTEW, GHD as the design partner, and construction partners John Holland and Abigroup – as part of a major project to secure the Territory’s water supply.

The pipeline is expected to transfer up to 100 ML/d of raw water from Murrumbidgee River near Angle Crossing to a pipeline running via the Burra district to Googong Reservoir. A pump station will be constructed close to the Murrumbidgee River, and the water will be discharged into Burra Creek upstream of Googong Reservoir.

ACTEW has said it is continuing to refine the pipeline’s construction methodology and scheduling to minimise impacts to directly affected land owners and the local community. The construction of the pipeline requires a 40 m construction easement, which will convert to a 15 m permanent easement once commissioned, over 17 privately owned properties. ACTEW said it is continuing negotiations with directly affected property owners regarding access for construction and permanent easement arrangements for operation and maintenance purposes.

The Bulk Water Alliance is also undertaking remediation work on the Googong Dam spillway, which is approximately 50 per cent complete, with workers currently repairing and extending the spillway’s retaining walls and pouring concrete in eroded rock sections.

Rock blasting has already commenced, with a small section of the reserve and Googong Dam Road at the ranger station closed to the public. This work will bring the structure into line with current design and safety standards and is expected to continue until mid to late 2010.

Pending the Territory, New South Wales and Federal Government approval of the project’s environmental assessment, construction is expected to begin by the second quarter in 2010, and the pipeline is scheduled to be operational by the mid-2011.

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