Building confidence in pipeline assets

Pipe Tek now provides a full turnkey pipeline maintenance solution that simplifies pipeline operators’ integrity management programs while saving time and money.

Pipe Tek has expanded its services to provide a full turnkey solution to ensure the integrity of pipeline assets and associated facilities, with the aim of streamlining an often complex process and improving operators’ confidence in their assets.

“We’ve seen so many pipeline operators complicate the process of asset integrity by hiring multiple contractors, ending up with a confusing, costly and time-consuming process,” Pipe Tek managing director Myles Brannelly said.

“Our aim is to provide a complete pipeline service, integrating industry best practice, cost-effective solutions, and thorough communication and reporting from one main point-of-contact.”

Pipe Tek chief operating officer Taddam Farrant agreed with Brannelly.

“We’ve always fostered strong relationships with our clients, and providing a full solution builds on this,” he said.

“It results in a simplified and transparent approach to pipeline integrity management.”

A turnkey team of experienced technicians 

Pipe Tek is well-known for its hydrotesting, NDT, leak detection, and full range of in-line inspection and pigging services using world-class Enduro Pipeline Services’ equipment. Now, the company has expanded its services to include welding, pressure wrap coating and preventative field-joint coating repairs.

“We now have experienced technicians certified to provide ClockSpring coil and fibreglass wrap repair sleeves and Stopaq wraps for corrosion prevention,” Brannelly said.

“So we can do it all across gas, oil, CO2, hydrogen and water pipelines.”

The company’s turnkey solution includes:

  • Identification of anomalies via in-line inspection
  • Live-line dig ups
  • Required pipeline repairs, including welding, pressure wrap coatings and preventative field-joint coatings
  • Verification by phase array
Pipe Tek uses flexible custom-built vehicles that allow the team to mobilise fast. Image supplied by Pipe Tek.

Fast emergency response 

The Pipe Tek team uses versatile, custom-built vehicles and equipment to manage projects in all locations, terrain, and environments, from remote Australia to urban cities. This allows them to mobilise fast.

“When it comes to pipeline repair and remediation, quick and effective solutions are important,” Farrant said.

“Recently, we mobilised to a remote pipeline emergency site within 36 hours and fixed the problem within six days.”

All Pipe Tek’s 4WD vehicles are equipped with modular setups, which gives the team the capability to take an all-terrain vehicle to site, allowing the flexibility of two modes of transport with only one vehicle mobilisation.

Remote crews also use trailers fitted out with Starlink communication systems to feed real-time data back to the pipeline operator.

For limited footprint urban projects, Pipe Tek uses fully equipped custom-built trailers with a compact design to ensure manoeuvrability on testing sites with limited footprints.

Pipe Tek is 100 per cent Australian owned. Image supplied by Pipe Tek.

Australian-owned with world-class expertise 

Established in 1953 as Tank Calibrators, Pipe Tek is proudly 100 per cent Australian owned. With warehouses located across Australia, the team has a large range of specialised equipment to carry out its services, including being an exclusive Australian agent for Enduro Pipeline Services’ in-line inspection tools.

Pipe Tek focuses on health and safety, professionalism and customer satisfaction, and prides itself on maintaining long-term partnerships. All of its highly trained personnel are Australian-based and deliver exceptional quality services to NATA, ISO and AGA standards.

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