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Tremco Pipeline Equipment outlines new product lines available after visiting the world’s largest pipeline maintenance exhibition.

Last month, Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s Brett Trembath travelled to the USA to visit the world’s largest exhibition devoted entirely to pipeline maintenance.

The Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management event (PPIM) is the biggest exhibition in the world dedicated exclusively to pigging for pipeline maintenance and inspection, engineering assessment, repair, risk management and NDE.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about the industry’s latest developments and meet with some of our key suppliers, so we never miss it,” Trembath said.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s suppliers in attendance included:

  • Girard Industries
  • CDI
  • Maloney Technical Products
  • In-Line Flow Products
  • Industrial Degauss
  • WeldFit

“Most of our suppliers use the event to launch new product ranges and services, and this year was no different,” Trembath said.

“I’m excited for the innovations that our suppliers have made, and I’m looking forward to passing on the benefits to our customers.”

Read a summary of new and updated products available to the Oceania market below.

CDI’s new pig trackers on show

At the PPIM event, CDI showcased its new PigAlert and PigAlert Pro pig tracking tools. The tools offer real-time text message notifications, GPS tracking, and no monthly fees. Both devices detect magnet-equipped pipeline pigs. The PigAlert Pro is for pig passes in challenging environments, with the added ability to detect flags tripping and switch closures from intrusive pig signallers.

“They’re great little gadgets that make sure you always know the location and status of your pigs via instant text message notifications so you can receive updates in real-time and always know the location and status of your pigs – saving time and money,” Trembath said.

The tools work with CDI’s Qube AGM+ and GlobalTrack Live-Tracking system.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment
The Maloney Technical Products team at PPIM with their new trackable Smart Spheres. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Maloney and CDI collaborate on new trackable pipeline sphere

In conjunction with CDI, Maloney Technical Products has developed a new trackable pipeline sphere. The Smart Sphere carries a transmitter that lets you track its location and speed. The sphere is available in a variety of polymers and sizes, and can withstand rugged pipeline conditions without any abnormal wear and tear.

The Smart Sphere features two ports for normal inflation and filling, and allows quick and easy transmitter removal and replacement.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment
Brett on the ZEVAC booth at PPIM. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

ZEVAC’s ZD3 more cost-effective to AUS market

Trembath caught up with the ZEVAC team to talk about new design updates to their ZD3 unit for use in compressor stations to recover blowdown vent gas, and for rod packing gas recovery. The updates are likely to bring the cost down of the equipment to make it a more viable option for the Australian market.

“The ZD3 is leading the way with emissions reduction technology – it offers a simplified approach to vent-gas recovery, eliminating the need for electrification or complex control systems,” said Trembath.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in these systems – and now they’re even more accessible to the Australian market.”

Tremco Pipeline Equipment

The In-Line Flow team with their new Figure 722 Closure. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

In-Line Flow new closure stops pig trap liquid spills

In-line Flow featured its new Figure 722 Closure – designed to stop liquid spills when opening the closure on a pig trap.

The new In-line Figure 722 Angled Quick Opening Closure has been re-designed for better maintenance access and incorporates improved davit alignment features for smooth cap makeup.

Engineered and manufactured in Alberta, Canada, the tool is available in flanged and weld-end configurations.

“It’s a great tool to mitigate spills and reduce environmental clean-up costs,” Trembath said.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment
The Weldfit booth at PPIM, including its new Dually tool. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Weldfit launches Dually line stop tool

At PPIM, Weldfit launched Dually, its new mechanical double block and bleed, single-plugging head line-stop equipment.

The Dually features a single pivoting head with dual seals to create a no-pressure ‘zero zone’ for added assurance. Achieving the dual seal with one compact pivoting head ensures reliable entry and removal, compared to dual pivot point heads.

The Dually’s traditional pivot design also ensures there is no added risk associated with stress on the fitting and bolted connection that may be experienced during line stop operations with some hydraulically actuated pivoting heads.

“Line stops are an essential part of pipeline maintenance and WeldFit’s quality is unmatched on extruded hot tap and line stop fittings all made in Houston, Texas,” Trembath said.

“We’re excited to add this product to our range.”

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