Boddingtons – the solution in pipeline protection and detection products

Boddingtons commands an enviable reputation for offering quality and affordable products as well as tailor-made solutions for its customers’ requirements. The company has achieved ISO9001:2008 quality accreditation throughout the group, indicating its commitment to providing quality products and services.

The company’s standard product range is manufactured to stock, allowing short lead times for supply to its customers. The standard stock range covers all major underground pipeline and cable applications.

Boddingtons’ range of plastic warning tapes and extruded meshes covers the protection, detection and warning of underground cable and pipelines for gas, fuel, electricity, water and optic fibre communication lines. These products give pipeline owners the peace of mind that their assets are safe and protected from third-party damage.

Boddingtons is proud of its efficient and low-cost manufacturing operations in Melbourne. Boddingtons employees pride themselves on providing their customers with the best quality products backed by outstanding customer service. The company has a small but dedicated team of employees led by National Sales Manager Michelle Moreira and Financial Controller Kylie Morris. The company’s customer service team is managed by Harika Mengato and Jane Goodier-Hill who pride themselves on providing customers with exceptional customer service.

The products

Rockshield HDâ„¢ is a heavy duty flexible three-dimensional bi-planar extruded diamond-structured plastic mesh. It is wrapped around underground pipe as protection of the coating systems on the pipe when they are buried underground. It offers a consistent thickness throughout the width of each roll or pad to provide full width protection to your pipeline during backfill operations. Rockshield HDâ„¢ also offers protection from abrasive objects after installation, prohibiting geologic movements from damaging your pipeline. Rockshield HDâ„¢ may be installed in pad or roll form, depending on pipe diameter. Boddingtons also manufactures another version of ROCKSHIELDâ„¢. This product is available ex-stock directly from Boddingtons and in 1.5 m wide x 30 m rolls. The weight per square metre is 950 grams.

WAVELAY® and DETECTAMESH® underground marker and warning tapes and meshes are manufactured from rot-resistant virgin polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. They have a stainless steel tracer wire embedded within the plastic product to ensure long life, strength and optimum detectability. Boddingtons can also supply these products custom made to the customer’s specifications with special custom messages widths and thicknesses.

PROTECTAMESHâ„¢ pipe protection mesh is unique as it offers the dual functionality of protection and warning of your underground pipeline in one product. With its high impact resistance properties you can be ensured the cable or pipe can remain unharmed by rogue excavators. PROTECTAMESHâ„¢ combines a high impact extruded high density polyethylene mesh in bright colours such as yellow and orange with a warning tape laminated to the surface of the mesh. PROTECTAMESHâ„¢ is high strength and easy to install in roll form. The product is also available in a heavier and thicker version called PROTECTAMESHâ„¢ MaxiGridâ„¢.

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