BOC injects urgent supply of gas for Whyalla

Santos Moomba

Reacting quickly to the rupture, BOC’s technicians drove an innovative LNG tanker, which can convert LNG to natural gas, from Victoria to inject gas into a section of the Whyalla gas network.

BOC General Manager LNG Alex Dronoff said the priority was the supply to the Whyalla hospital.

“BOC are delighted that the volume being trucked and injected into the Whyalla network will also be able to supply some parts of the town with this temporary supply of LNG,” said Mr Dronoff.

“This temporary gas supply has been a rapid team response. BOC and APA have worked closely with Safe Work South Australia to ensure safety standards have been met for this emergency project. We will continue to support APA in providing urgent gas to Whyalla until the main pipeline is repaired.”

APA Group representatives will visit each consumer property to reconnect supply and re-light appliances.

BOC has outlined that it is imperative that this only be done safely by an APA Group representative.

Construction on the 858 km, 559 mm diameter Moomba Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS) commenced in October 1968 and the pipeline was commissioned in November 1969.

The MAPS was owned by Epic Energy until it was acquired by APA Group as part of its acquisition of a controlling interest in Hastings Diversified Utility Fund in October 2012.

As part of this, APA made an undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to divest the MAPS asset.

In May 2013, APA sold the pipeline to QIC Global Infrastructure for $A400.5 million.

Those affected are advised to contact the APA Group Natural Gas Emergency Hotline on 1800 898 220 for updates.

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