Big hats and big deals

After a trip to the USA, Pipe Tek has secured a new deal with its exclusive international partner Enduro Pipeline Services, which will pass on more benefits and cost-savings to its Australian clients.

Pipe Tek’s Myles Brannelly, Taddam Farrant and Rebecca Burns recently travelled to the United States to catch up with international partner Enduro Pipeline Services.

Taddam, Myles, Bec and Cruz outside Enduro’s Tulsa facility. Image: Pipe Tek

The team joined Enduro at the world’s biggest exhibition dedicated exclusively to pigging for pipeline maintenance and inspection, the Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM) Exhibition held in Houston, Texas, before heading to Enduro’s facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Enduro supports the PPIM event as a platinum sponsor each year because they know how important it is to have an event that brings together the latest technologies in pipeline integrity,” Pipe Tek Managing Director Myles Brannelly said.

“We find it’s great to attend because it helps us stay on top of the latest industry developments and bring world-class technologies back to Australia.” 

Pipe Tek Chief Operating Officer Taddam Farrant said the company split its time in the US between the PPIM event and Enduro’s Tulsa facility.

“This year, that resulted in an agreement which will see Pipe Tek supply Enduro’s products and services to the Australian market in a more cost-effective way,” he said.

Enduro Pipeline Services’ equipment on show at Enduro’s Tulsa facility. Image: Pipe Tek

Bringing the best tech to Australia

On its massive 90sqm exhibition stand at PPIM, Enduro featured most of its product range, from bidirectional magnet and brush pigs, scraper tools, pig links, as well as MFL and DFL tools, GIS solutions, analytics displays and accessories such as custom pig trays.

Enduro also launched its new Wireless Geophone tracker, available in standard or wireless configurations.

“The geophone tracker is a great piece of equipment,” Brannelly said.

“It detects pig movements by amplifying the normal sounds created by pig passage via high-quality audio with volume control. It’s in a rugged case, so we can place it on the group or attach it to exposed piping such as valve settings or vent pipes.”

Farrant said he was excited to use this revolutionary piece of technology.

“It’s another example of the practical and effective equipment that Enduro develops,” he said.

A landmark Tulsa deal

After PPIM, Pipe Tek visited Enduro’s facility at Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Enduro’s tools and pieces of equipment are made.

“It’s amazing to see how the tools are made and the rigorous testing that they’re put through before being sent to clients,” Farrant said.

“We also loved the chance to chat to Enduro’s technicians – the pipeline integrity knowledge they have is world-class.”

While there, Brannelly said that the two companies secured a new exclusive agreement that allows Pipe Tek to deliver more benefits as well as a more cost-effective service to its Australian clients.

“Since partnering with Enduro in 2019, the pigging services that we provide have grown from cleaning and testing to in-line inspection and all aspects of commissioning,” he said.

“Our clients love that they can rely on us to complete the whole service – with no need to bring in other contractors.”

Brannelly said the partnership has grown the business significantly.

“Enduro recognises this growth and what we’re capable of achieving so the team is working with us to make their products more accessible to the Australian market,” he said.

Turnkey pipeline repair and remediation

In 2024, Pipe Tek’s services have grown to include a full turnkey pipeline repair and remediation service, which includes identification of anomalies via in-line inspection, live-line dig ups, pipeline repairs, including welding, pressure wrap coatings and preventative field-joint coatings and verification by phased array.

In addition to technicians experienced with Enduro’s products, the company also has experienced technicians certified to provide fast and safe installation of ClockSpring coil and fibreglass wrap repair sleeves, and Stopaq wraps for corrosion prevention.

“Our services have become more diverse so that we can keep pipeline integrity and maintenance simple for our clients, while saving them time and money,” Brannelly said.

Farrant agreed and noted the importance of working with one service provider.

“Dealing with the one service provider that can do it all uncomplicates the process and gives our clients the confidence that their asset is in safe hands.”

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This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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