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EST Group’s Hydrostatic

EST Group’s Hydrostatic Test Plugs

Headquartered in the USA, and represented by PipeServ, EST Group manufacture highly engineered products and repair services for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, coolers and chillers.
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ACCC Origin

Origin Energy CEO clarifies on concerns

Origin Energy’s CEO Frank Calabria has released a statement via social medias clarifying Origin Energy’s role as it relates to the joint venture the company part owns, known as Australia Pacific LNG.
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An easy alternative to nitrogen purge for void space layup

Is there an easy way to prevent corrosion inside void spaces of idle equipment or permanent structures? This is a major need, particularly in the oil and gas industry. However, this issue also impacts any industry that deals with metal tanks, piping, boilers, heat exchangers, hollow metal structures, or even hard-to-reach areas between the layers of metal coils. Read More

Iplex puts women at the forefront of industry

With over 80 years’ experience, Iplex has an excellent understanding of the challenges the water industry faces. Iplex’s experienced and knowledgeable team actively works and collaborates with customers and the industry to provide safe, secure and innovative water solutions today and into the future. Iplex is helping to solve Australia’s water industry challenges by placing women at the forefront.
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The Drain Man

Pioneers of change

TDM Group Australia’s subsidiary The Drain Man is paving the way for women interested in the pipeline industry to grow their skills to become the best in the business.
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APA Group is busy on WORM

Construction has begun on APA Group’s Western Outer Ring Main (WORM) gas transmission project to enable larger volumes of gas to be transported to Victoria’s Iona Underground Storage Facility for use during peak demand.
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