Australia’s largest water recycling project takes shape

As Australia’s largest water recycling project, Queensland’s Western Corridor Recycled Water Project has drawn plenty of attention.

Brief outline of the project

The project’s key objective is to make use of Brisbane and Ipswich’s treated waste water, making it available to industrial users – in particular the Swanbank and Tarong power stations, and to supplement drinking water supplies in Wivenhoe Dam.

Wastewater from six existing treatment plants in Brisbane and Ipswich is being piped through 200 km of pipeline to three new advanced water treatment plants, then on to its final use.

Apart from making better use of scarce water resources, by reusing almost all of Brisbane and Ipswich’s treated wastewater, the nutrient load in rivers and Moreton Bay will be reduced.

The Eastern Pipeline is being constructed by a project alliance of AJ Lucas, Transfield Services, GHD and Sunwater for the Queensland Department of Infrastructure.

Stage 1 links the current Oxley, Wacol and Goodna treatment plants south of Brisbane to a new advanced treatment plant being constructed at Bundamba, near Ipswich. Stage 2 will link new advanced water treatment plants at Luggage Point and Gibson Island in eastern Brisbane to a pumping station at Bundamba.

Elements of the pipeline

There are three main elements to the Eastern Pipeline project:

1. A 1086 mm OD pipeline between the Oxley wastewater treatment plant and the new Bundamba plant, via the Wacol and Goodna plants.
2. An 800 mm OD pipeline carrying reverse osmosis concentrate (ROC) from the Bundamba plant to a new outfall into the Brisbane River near the existing Goodna plant’s outfall.
3. Another 1,086 mm OD pipeline carrying treated water from the Bundamba plant that will join the pipeline carrying treated water from the Luggage Point and Gibson Island plants.

The section between Oxley and Bundamba is unusual as it has all three pipelines in the one trench – each carrying a different type of treated water.

Other elements

Apart from the pipelines themselves, pumping stations are being built at the Goodna, Oxley and Wacol treatment plants, as well as a balance tank. In operation, water will be pumped to the balance tank, which will then gravity feed it to the Bundamba advanced water treatment plant.

Progress to date

As we go to press, the last of the Stage 1A pipeline from Bundamba to Goodna is in the ground. Stage 1B, from Goodna to Oxley is underway, with clear and grade and road crossing operations in progress.

Stage 2, Bundamba to Luggage Point will follow on completion of Stage 1B.

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