Australian pipelines – world-class transportation of energy

Participants from all sectors of the industry will be in attendance, taking the opportunity to highlight the knowledge and expertise in Australia that is well-known and respected internationally. The APIA Convention and Exhibition is the forum that brings the industry together.

This year the Convention will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre from 22-25 October. It will continue the tradition of bringing together those involved in the pipeline industry, both nationally and internationally, onshore and offshore, and across the range of industry sectors. All sectors of the industry have the opportunity to share ideas and discuss solutions to a range of challenges.

Over two days, the business program will contain presentations covering:

  • Health, safety and environment;
  • Education and training;
  • Opportunities for the industry in coal seam gas;
  • Industry innovations; and,
  • A range of technical and operational matters.

Of course, the social program is also a highlight. There will be informative and entertaining tours for delegates’ partners, as well as the traditional four very different dinners over four very different evenings. These events provide an opportunity to meet new people and develop business networks in a convivial atmosphere.

In 2011, APIA’s Exhibition has expanded, with 99 exhibitors (covering the space of 121 “˜regular’ stands) already booked and planning their demonstrations of a range of activities, products and services in the industry. The Exhibition allows for networking, formal and informal functions, as well as some very good coffee to get the day started (or keep it going!).

This industry is committed to ensuring safe and efficient transportation of energy. This commitment is demonstrated by the determination to provide research and development that benefits the industry, as well as a range of forums to share knowledge with the younger members of the industry. With a 35 per cent discount for younger first-timers, there is certainly plenty of encouragement.

APIA’s Annual Convention and Exhibition is one of the most important events in the Australian energy industry’s calendar, with high-quality papers and interesting social events. This is one Convention that should not be missed!

The Board of APIA welcomes all delegates and partners attending this year’s event.
Full details of the Convention program can be found on APIA’s website at

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