Australian Fusion Welding meets growing needs of CSG industry

The evolvement of Australia’s coal seam gas (CSG) industry has been quickly embraced by large-scale infrastructure contractors eager to play their part in the development of this country’s relatively new energy resource.

Another positive spin-off from this rapid development of CSG is the establishment of new specialist businesses such as Australian Fusion Welding (AFW), which are providing CSG companies and their contractors with the upfront and ongoing support services they need to reach their full potential.

AFW General Manager David Kinsella said he had been encouraged by the positive industry and client feedback he had received since establishing AFW, which confirmed the high-density polyethylene fusion welding solutions his team were providing were well-aligned with industry needs.

“With the CSG industry’s high level of regulation, it is important that CSG companies have the utmost confidence that the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) welding being performed on their project is of the highest quality and meets all Australian standards,” said Mr Kinsella.

“Our AFW team is fully trained, qualified and certified in the latest thermoplastic fusion welding techniques available, so we can provide clients with peace of mind that their project’s pipeline welds are of the highest industry and regulatory standards.

“As part of our quality assurance system, we use the latest data acquisition technology to accurately capture all of our weld data for assessment by our skilled team, who then provide a detailed report to clients,” he said.

Mr Kinsella said AFW had also made a significant investment in its fleet of state-of-the-art fusion welding machines.

“Fusion welding technology is always evolving, so it’s important that we are offering the industry the best HDPE welding solutions available.

“Our Dalby welding facility is equipped with a fleet of fusion welding machines that are able to perform typical polywelding tasks, but are also capable of providing specifically tailored welding solutions that fall outside of conventional scopes.”

Mr Kinsella said establishing AFW in Dalby, Queensland, was a strategic business decision based on industry and contractor feedback.

“It is within close proximity to all of the major CSG projects currently being developed across the Surat Basin and allows us to provide our unique range of services, either in-house or in-situ, to deliver clients significant time and cost savings,” he said.

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