ATCO: first Australian operator to purchase ZEVAC Mini

ATCO is the first pipeline operator in Australia to purchase ZEVAC. Image supplied by Tremco Pipeline Equipment.

In collaboration with Tremco Pipeline Equipment, ATCO has signalled its commitment to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

As part of its activities, it is becoming the first pipeline operator in Australia to purchase ZEVAC’s industry-leading emissions reduction technology.

ATCO’s Western Australian team has purchased a ZEVAC Mini, a compact machine which allows a lightweight, versatile option making gas recovery from venting procedures easy on every jobsite.

ATCO supervisor replacement projects Matt Clifton said the purchase was an important tool in improving efficiency and reducing emissions on ATCO’s gas network.

“We’re looking at reducing emissions across our whole value chain, so this is one tool in the kit that will contribute to our activities to reduce emissions,” Clifton said.

The mini machines are the only products of their kind that aid operators and contractors to eliminate intentional venting or flaring using a compact solution that can also handle liquids, with models that can withstand pressures of up to 1,480PSIG.

This makes them perfect for a range of activities from distribution mains maintenance to pigging, helping to reduce operators’ carbon footprint and creating a safe work environment for onsite technicians.

The machines can also be custom mounted in a service truck.

The ZEVAC Mini series is available in two sizes of machine:

  • LP Mini – weighing 185 lbs (84 kg), pressures up to 150 PSIG.
  • HP Mini – weighing 300 lbs (136 kg), pressures up to 1,480 PSIG.

How do ZEVAC Mini machines work?

The ZEVAC technology uses compressed air and moves gas into an adjacent pipeline or appropriate storage container. It allows the intake to depressurise and discharge back into the pipe system with 100 per cent of the gas staying inside the pipe.

This also allows for less waste as the product always stays in the system, and eliminates emissions, noise warnings, hazards and the permits generally associated with venting and flaring.

The machines have a simple design that ensures air and gas never mix. There are no electronics or engines powering the equipment thus no chance for a spark.

Full service and training

ZEVAC is available throughout Oceania exclusively through Tremco Pipeline Equipment.

“Our team has full ZEVAC training. We can assist and train local technicians to use and maintain the equipment,” Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s Brett Trembath said.

“We completed ZEVAC training with ATCO’s team last year. We’re now incredibly excited that they’ve chosen to purchase a ZEVAC Mini. The machine provides a great solution to decarbonising the pipeline sector.”

In 2023, Tremco Pipeline Equipment also helped First Gas NZ become the first operator outside of North America to invest in a ZEVAC Mini set to assist with venting procedures.

To find out more about ZEVAC, contact Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s Brett Trembath on (07) 33441066 or

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