ARENA funds Viva Geelong hydrogen station

Viva Energy

The New Energy Service Station will be a $51.4 million demonstration project and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) hydrogen refuelling station to support the uptake of hydrogen FCEVs in heavy fleets.

“We were excited to announce the launch of Australia’s most ambitious hydrogen mobility project that will see the development of a New Energies Service Station in Geelong,” a spokesperson for Viva Energy said. 

The demonstration project will be built opposite Viva Energy’s petroleum refinery and incorporate a 2 MW electrolyser along with hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing infrastructure. 

The service station will also include 150 kW electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities alongside green hydrogen refuelling, bringing together the zero emission technologies that will support Australia’s energy transition.

ARENA’s funding will go towards both the renewable hydrogen and EV infrastructure, as well as to subsidise the purchase and operations of 15 hydrogen FCEVs to help fast-track FCEV uptake. ARENA funding for the FCEVs will be paid upon the delivery of the vehicles.

The New Energy Service Station will allow for the procurement, delivery and operation of renewable hydrogen for the FCEVs. Over time, Viva Energy hopes to add traditional diesel refuelling on-site to allow drivers to witness FCEV charging.

All vehicles will be purchased and owned by project partners Toll GroupComfortDelGro Australia (CDC)Cleanaway Waste Management and Barwon Water, who will be operating an initial fleet of 15 hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles that will be refuelled at the station.

ARENA chief executive Darren Miller said the project will help to accelerate the commercialisation pathways for FCEV fleets in Australia.“We’re excited to be working with Viva Energy to build Australia’s first publicly available hydrogen refuelling station to independent fleets,” said Miller. 

“This project will be a key opportunity for early uptake of commercially viable hydrogen and a service station model that could be replicated across Australia as the price of electrolyser technology drops.” 

With operations expected to commence in late 2023, the service station will be the first publicly accessible commercial hydrogen refuelling station in Australia.

For more information visit the Viva Energy website.

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