ARENA backs WA hydrogen project

The CEIP is planned to be co-located with the 180 MW Warradarge Wind Farm in Western Australia, which will provide renewable electricity to power the project’s 10 MW electrolyser. 

With an aim of establishing Australia’s first commercial scale green hydrogen supply chain, the CEIP will be capable of producing up to 4 t of hydrogen per day, along with storage and delivery to the gas network injection points. 

ATCO Australia Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer Patrick Creaghan said this was an exciting step for ATCO, which has been investing in hydrogen since 2017.  

“The development of the CEIP has the dual benefit of not only contributing to the decarbonisation of the gas distribution network, it also allows us to generate the economies of scale required to expand the demand and use of renewable hydrogen as a commercially viable fuel,” he said. 

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the group was funding projects it believed would help kickstart renewable hydrogen production on a large scale. 

A final investment decision on the CEIP is expected to take place in December 2022. 

For more information visit the ATCO website.  

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