Applications for APGA’s 2023 business session are open

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Applications for the 2023 Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Convention business session presentations are now open.

APGA’s Annual Convention brings together participants from all sectors of the pipeline industry as well as other industries associated with natural gas and the transportation of energy, slurry, and water.

Core to the convention is the sharing of ideas and learning.

The 2023 convention is geared towards knowledge transfer and will feature a detailed business session program. With industry representation from around the world, the business sessions provide an opportunity to connect with a large audience and disseminate learnings across a broad sector.

The business sessions will include papers covering pipeline operations, project updates, training, research, environmental challenges, and safety issues. Issues surrounding gas policy and gas markets are increasingly topical, generating much interest and debate about the role of the transmission sector and the challenges of gas supply for the domestic market.

Applications for APGA’s Call for Papers closes 10 March 2023 and includes a request for presentations covering major and smaller scale projects, opportunities and developments within the industry.

The 55th Annual APGA Convention & Exhibition will be held in Perth, WA from 14t to 17 October 2023 and will cover a range of issues in the theme: Power of the Present, Force of the Future.

The APGA Annual Convention is an opportunity to present forward-thinking and practical ideas that stimulate discussion and debate and give guidance to the industry as it prepares for the future.

For more information on the convention and to see the full list of potential papers topics, visit APGA’s website.

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