APGA welcomes TAS gas strategy

APGA TAS strategy

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) has welcomed the Tasmanian (TAS) Future Gas Strategy, which focuses on decarbonising the state’s gas infrastructure.

The strategy supports the rapid development of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen and rules out mandates against new gas connections.

It also identifies that without an orderly transition utilising natural and renewable gases, some businesses would be forced to revert to more emissions-intensive fuel sources for their operations.

APGA chief executive Steve Davies said the state’s gas infrastructure has already begun its decarbonisation journey.

“The Tasmania Future Gas Strategy balances ambition with pragmatic pathways of implementation, which will be vital to achieve rapid and low-cost emission reductions,” Davies said.

“Ultimately, the most reliable energy system is one which doesn’t put all its eggs in one basket, and these pragmatic steps set-up future generations of Tasmanians to be the beneficiaries.

“Tasmania has a proud nine-year track record of being at net zero emissions, and this strategy demonstrates the state’s ambition to help the rest of the world decarbonise through renewable gases.”

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