APGA welcomes NGIP release

APGA welcomes NGIP release

APGA chief executive officer Steve Davies said gas demand was not predicted to decline over a decade so ensuring reliable supply was vital to future prosperity.

“[Natural gas] currently provides 27 per cent of end use energy which is more than electricity and second only to liquid fuels,” Davies said.

“While gas is on a decarbonisation pathway as set out in Gas Vision 2050, demand for natural gas is not forecast to decline until well into next decade at which time we expect renewable, zero carbon gases such as hydrogen and biogas will be replacing it.”

The NGIP focuses on the ongoing gas supply challenges facing energy users.

The plan provides targeted support and identifies four vital infrastructure projects that are required to stop the shortfall from occurring.

$38.7 million was invested by the government for the targeted support.

To implement and design the Future Gas Infrastructure Investment Framework, $3.5 million was also invested.

The framework supports the Federal Government’s consideration of medium to long-term critical gas projects identified by future NGIPs.

Davies said The Future Gas Infrastructure Investment Framework could bring new supply sooner to market and support gas users around the country.

“We are particularly pleased to see that the Future Gas Infrastructure Investment Plan principles include investigations to ensure new gas investments are hydrogen ready,” he said.

“Leveraging Australia’s existing gas infrastructure to deliver renewable gas will be a major contributor to the decarbonisation of the economy and achieving net zero most quickly at lowest cost.”

For more information visit APGA’s website.

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