APGA: Gas generation needed to meet net zero

APGA gas

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) has welcomed the federal government’s commitment to increase renewable generation, but has warned against excluding gas from the Capacity Investment Scheme.

While the association supports the intent for more renewable generation into the energy mix, excluding gas fired power will be “counterproductive”.

APGA chief executive Steve Davies said the exclusion risks slowing Australia’s pace of decarbonisation.

“The lowest cost pathway to reduce emissions is to get off coal as quickly as possible, and to do that, the federal government already recognises it will need a lot more gas generation,” Davies said.

“Australia has a coal dependency and the fastest and lowest risk way to fix it is to prioritise all lower carbon alternatives. This scheme is the equivalent of planning to quit cold turkey without any setbacks.

“Natural gas generation isn’t the ultimate destination, but it’s a far better option for all Australian energy consumers that helps bridge the gap, making the transition smoother and more manageable.”

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