APGA Chief Executive Officer’s report

APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies shared his insights on  this busy time of the year for the industry.

How is it that in November we are consistently asking ourselves ‘where did the year go’? It has been a remarkable year on many levels, not all of them positive. I suspect the years ahead will each equally be remarkable, especially in the next 10 years of the energy transition.

I do feel that 2023 has been spent ensuring the industry and the association are well placed for what lies ahead. We have improved advocacy, communication and collaboration across our members and are focused on securing the role of gas infrastructure to help Australia achieve 2030, 2035 and 2050 targets.

We are also coming off the back of a great Annual Convention and Exhibition in Perth. With over 500 registered attendees across the event, it was a welcome return to the pre-pandemic days and an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues and share the challenges and learnings of 2023 with each other.

The association will now turn its attention to the next strategic plan, due to commence in July 2024. Having just said the years ahead are going to be remarkable, the Board, Secretariat, and I, are considering the actions we need to be taking, or putting in place, to maintain the strength and role of the association into the future.

We’ll also be working on the next strategic plan with a new look board. Speicapag’s John Stuart-Robinson is our new President, with Jemena’s Sean Ward our new Vice President and McConnell Dowell’s Leon Richards our new Treasurer. We have had four directors’ step down this year and following the election at the Annual General Meeting, we now have four new directors in place.

That is a big injection of new talent and enthusiasm to the Board and wish our new Directors the best in helping us best manage the years ahead. I’d like to thank all eight nominees for the positions. We all know how busy everyone is at the moment and being willing to put yourself forward, knowing that success means you’ll be even busier, is a significant offer of service to the industry and association that is much appreciated.

I’m going to close this opening message with a massive vote of thanks to our Immediate Past President, Donna McDowall. It has been a big two years for the association, coming out of COVID-19, rebuilding events and services, stepping up advocacy as the public discourse around the energy transition becomes increasingly ideological. Donna has provided input and support to the team and me at every step of the way.

Thank you, Donna, for your service to the association for the last two years and I am sure you will continue your contribution in the years to come.

Actually, I’ll close by reminding you all that Christmas events are just around the corner – see you there!

This article featured in the November edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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