APC Socotherm completes 100th contract

APC Socotherm Project Director and Acting General Manager Paul Wilson said that “It was very satisfying to complete the 100th order and we are very grateful for the industry support over the years, particularly from asset owners and the two local steel pipe manufacturing mills.

“Obviously, our ability to produce quality product on a consistent basis is now well recognised and is resulting in both new and repeat business. We are proud of our achievements and look forward to the next 100.”

APC Socotherm is located in Kembla Grange NSW close to both steel pipe manufacturing mills with access to nearby rail and port facilities. It is part of The Socotherm Group of companies, with operations on five of the world’s continents.

The company has invested heavily over the last seven years in order to provide the industry with the latest products and coating technology. The plant was originally commissioned with only one external pipe coating line for the application of FBE, Dual layer FBE and Trilaminate coatings. Since then the plant has seen many improvements with two major upgrades.

An internal pipe coating plant was installed and commissioned in 2002 and was one of the key factors in APC Socotherm’s success in securing a major portion of the SEA Gas pipeline project back in 2003. The internal plant is the only one of its type in Australia with a host of innovative features including a post curing oven.

Accelerated curing eliminates potential contamination and mechanical damage issues that are commonplace when uncured painted surfaces are exposed to rain, wind, dust and other forms of inclement weather. The process also enables APCS to load freshly coated pipe directly onto customer supplied transport immediately after coating, where required.

In 2004, APCS installed a dedicated two-layer HDPE, annular extrusion plant to produce high quality Yellowkote at increased production speeds. This production line realised its full potential during the processing of the Central Ranges Gas Pipeline Project in 2005 where output capacity far exceeded all expectations.

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