APA Group rushes to aid in preventing forecast gas shortfalls

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The group is investing $270 million in a bid to increase winter peak capacity of the East Coast Grid by 25 per cent.

Stage one of such works is targeted for completion by the end of the winter 2023 season, just ahead of forecast gas shortages. Likewise, stage two is expected to be online by the beginning of 2024.

Additionally, APA Group is investing a further $60 million in order to expand the South West Pipeline’s Winchelsea Compressor Station in Victoria.

The group has worked collaboratively with the Australian Energy Regulator as well as the Victorian government to expedite augmentation of the South West Pipeline to provide further capacity, recognising the critical importance of natural gas to Victoria’s energy system.

The South West Pipeline project was completed in early June 2022 and was yet another landmark in delivering the Victorian government’s Water for Victoria plan working to meet the challenges of climate change and population growth, and taking action to ensure the state’s water system is modern and efficient, future-focused and affordable.

APA Group expressed that it is committed to accelerating Australia’s energy transition and the decarbonisation of the nation’s economy, asserting that pipeline gas is lower emissions and more cost effective than gas supplied by LNG import terminals.

Subsequently APA Group will continue to work alongside governing bodies and industry experts toward net-zero while also ensuring the best service is provided to its customers.

For more information visit APA Group’s website.

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