APA confirms Parmelia Gas Pipeline potential for hydrogen transmission

Green hydrogen

APA Group has successfully confirmed that the existing 43 kilometre section of the Parmelia Gas Pipeline in Western Australia (WA) can transport pure or blended hydrogen.

The company completed the laboratory testing of Parmelia Gas Pipeline materials in a pressurised hydrogen environment, which CEO and managing director Adam Watson said was a positive milestone in Australia’s energy transition.

“Our research indicates that it’s technically feasible, safe and efficient to convert the 43 kilometre section of the Parmelia Gas Pipeline into a 100 per cent hydrogen service – this would be an Australian first,” Watson said.

“This research is very encouraging as it suggests there could be potential for our existing gas transmission pipeline network to play an important role in connecting hydrogen production hubs to industrial sites across the nation.”

The research is now able to progress to phase three, which will include safety studies and conversion plans, prior to the delivery phase.

“There is real momentum behind this project with the success of both the hydrogen testing on the section of pipeline and the pre-feasibility study to produce and transport hydrogen,” Watson said.

“With billions of dollars invested in gas infrastructure across the country, it makes sense to look at ways to use our existing energy infrastructure to support Australia’s transition to a lower carbon future, and to help our customers realise the potential market opportunities that exist for hydrogen.”

In a post to LinkedIn, the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) said the results mark an important milestone for the hydrogen industry.

“The PGP runs through the Kwinana industrial area and provides new opportunities for hydrogen producers to connect to the Perth domestic market, transport hubs and future export markets,” the post read.

“It marks an important milestone for the future of Australia’s hydrogen industry, where pipelines present the lowest-cost option to transport the future fuel safely and efficiently.”

In 2021, APA Group first announced the project to convert a section of the Parmelia Pipeline into a hydrogen transmission line, in partnership with Future Fuels CRC and Wollongong University.

Following positive results from the initial phase of testing, the WA government awarded a $300,000 boost for the project under its Renewable Hydrogen Fund to support the second phase of testing. 

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