Anode Engineering provides technical support for specialised products

Anode Engineering has taken that technical knowledge and know how and applied it to supporting the specialised products available from their network of international suppliers. Their focus on behalf of their clients is to support suppliers who are accredited ISO-9000 manufacturers.

Almost all of these products are directly related to improving pipeline integrity, as well as providing equipment for the corrosion management of some of our nation’s most vital assets. Following are some of the important aspects of that commitment.

Anode Engineering will be working closely with renewable energy partner BP Solar to provide alternative power solutions for oil, gas, mining and water industries in cathodic protection, communications and related applications.

Anode Engineering is the exclusive supplier of Apache Pipeline Products in Australia. Apache is a major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. They produce and supply a complete line of pigs and pigging equipment for oil, natural gas, and industrial pipelines around the world. Anode is also the proud distributor of the patented Apache pigPRO indicator which is designed to detect the passage of a pig within a pipeline system.

Anode Engineering’s team has a long association with Cortec products and is enthusiastic about the corrosion prevention opportunities available to industry through the application of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors from Cortec. Whether it is electronic equipment, pipes in transit or storage, hydro-testing or mothballing pipelines or industrial plants, Cortec have a solution to the problem.

Dresser is a name as old as the pipeline industry itself. This well respected manufacturer produces a range of leak repair clamps for high pressure and low pressure applications. Anode Engineering is committed to the support of these quality products both technically as well as availability of local stocks.

Gardner & Clark offer a range of filters for the oil and gas industry second to none. President Arthur Gardner has been in the filter business for more than forty years and there is little he does not know about filtration. Anode Engineering is pleased to be his sole representative for the Australasian and Asian region and look forward to providing all makes of filter types on a competitive basis to the industry in the region. They can provide an equivalent to almost any manufacturer’s filters for the oil and gas production applications. Also, they provide MicroFibers to remove hydrocarbons from water, glycol and all other water-based production fluids.

Anode Engineering personnel have a long association with the Loresco backfills and systems. When industry is busy installing pipelines, Anode Engineering’s Loresco team have the technology to assist in the design, installation and commissioning of shallow and deep well anode systems. With easements becoming narrower, Anode Engineering can show you a simple solution with deep well technology in the pipeline easement. Like all of their products, they stock the industry’s requirements and can ship direct into remote locations.

Metrotech is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of pipe and cable locators as well as water leak testing equipment. You can now activate a high output transmitter for locating from your control room so staff and contractors can find your pipeline without touching your plant. Their sales and service team network are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and are ready to assist with operator training.

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