Anchorage introduces new range of pipe cradles

Pipe cradles are cost-effective support structures for pipelines where there is minimal lateral movement and the mass of the pipe and its contents can hold itself in position.

As the pipe cradle does not have a clamp or guide assembly to rigidly hold the pipeline in the desired location, pipe cradles can accommodate a reasonable degree of longitudinal expansion and contraction of the pipe itself.

Pipe cradles also provide a level of flexibility to function in areas of seismic instability.

Anchorage pipe cradles are supplied with a standard base plate for welding to a fabricated support; however, custom cradles can be fabricated on request.

Alternatively, a slotted or punched baseplate can be provided for bolting the cradle to a concrete plinth or steel support structure.

Designed and manufactured in Australia from mild steel, Anchorage pipe cradles are supplied with a durable hot dip galvanised finish, as standard.

Steel pipe cradles can be wet sprayed or powder coated from a vast range of colours to complement site aesthetics and meet architectural requirements.

As a full service pipe support and pipe cradle manufacturer, Anchorage Group also produces stainless steel pipe cradles for maximum corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

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