A welding master on wheels

ArcPro Welding Services might not have been on the market for long, but the welding company has ignited sparks in the industry since its inception.

Created two years ago, ArcPro Welding Services has quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the piping industry.

Director, Welding Supervisor and Pressure Welder Cory Hill and Director Chantal Zander are the faces of the Queensland-based company.

“We started ArcPro Welding Services two years ago, we are a family owned and run business,” Zander said.

From pipe welding, structural steel, shutdown maintenance, general fabrication, welding supervision as well as welding procedure specification and qualification, it seems like there is nothing the company can’t do.

“We custom built our welding truck to allow us the ability to go wherever the job may be and to have the ability to weld whatever material or process is required of us,” Hill said.

Specialising in commercial construction, pipelines, oil and gas, power stations and maintenance sectors, ArcPro Welding’s seasoned professionals excel in various welding processes and are able to put industrial-level quality into your project without sacrificing customer care or consultation.

“Quality Matters” is the motto at ArcPro Welding, and rightly so,” Zander said.

“Our truck is quite literally a welding workshop on wheels with quick setup and pack up times.”

The company’s fully equipped welding truck enables them to serve commercial projects not only locally to Toowoomba and Brisbane, but also throughout Queensland and Australia-wide.

During its time in the industry, ArcPro Welding has managed to leave an indelible imprint on the piping sector, and it is only the beginning.

With successful collaborations on major projects around Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, the ArcPro Welding team have built strong long-lasting relationships.

“We bring a passion for elevating the quality of workmanship in the industries we have dedicated years to,” Zander said.

“Confidence in our ability to deliver the highest quality, reliable, and efficient welding services sets us apart.”

Committed to a strong work ethic and industry compliance, the company guarantees honest, high-quality welding services.

“Our qualified team continually develop skills, aiming to stay at the forefront of specialist welding techniques,” Hill said.

“We are focusing on driving our business towards pressure welding and pipeline welding.” Zander and Hill’s drive to making ArcPro Welding Services an industry-leader hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

For more information, visit arcprowelding.com.au.

This article featured in the March edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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