A positive impact on pipeline isolation: ONIS Line Blind increases safety, efficiency and productivity


Increase the efficiency and safety of positive isolation works with ONIS Line Blind’s perfect seal guaranteed mechanised Line Blind equipment. 

ONIS Line Blind has developed a mechanised solution that improves safety, reduces pipe shutdown time, and limits fugitive emissions when completing positive isolation works on gas transmission pipeline systems.  

ONIS Line Blind’s mechanical piping equipment uses a quick irreversible action that allows pipe blind activities to be completed by a single operator with no tools required. The device guarantees perfect sealing and positive isolation on small and large diameter pipeline systems. 

The company’s Australian agent, Tremco Pipeline Equipment, will be displaying the ONIS Line Blind technology on its booth at the APGA Convention and Exhibition in September. Visit Tremco Pipeline Equipment at booth 15 and 16 for more information. 

What is positive isolation and what are the challenges? 

Positive isolation or blinding activities ensure that it is impossible for hazardous materials to enter a section of pipeline that needs to be shut down for maintenance. 

Commonly, pressurised pipelines are made safe using valve or simple shut-off systems, for example a steel plate inserted between two flanges. There are two disadvantages to these solutions: 

  • the quality of a valve’s open/close position cannot be guaranteed; and,
  • shut-off systems require significant technical resources, and the effectiveness of the seal is dependent on the operators’ skill level and working conditions.  

Leaks that occur due to faulty isolation techniques can lead to fugitive emissions and pollution, operating losses, damage the production facility, and safety concerns for the operational personnel. 

A safer, quicker positive isolation solution 

ONIS has developed its mechanical piping equipment to provide a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to positive isolation activities. The equipment is simple and quick to use while enhancing the reliability of positive isolation works. 

The ONIS Line Blind device does this by using: 

  • a self-locking quick-action clamping mechanism resistant to overpressure and vibration
  • two gaskets per position of use, accessible for inspection or replacement without disassembly
  • drains to purge the lines before operation. 

This equipment is set and tested in ONIS’ factory, requiring no adjustment onsite after installation or operation, and enabling perfect tightness for any and every operator. It can be operated by a single person without any tools or lifting accessories.

ONIS Line Blind equipment has been used by France’s major gas operator for many years. Currently, the operator has more than 500 Line Blind units in operation for different applications including: 

  • B-pass on gas transmission network
  • Cold flares/vent line on gas networks
  • Gas compressors
  • Metering skids
  • Gas filtration units
  • Scraping stations.

The ONIS Quick Action Filter Changer has also been named as a finalist for the 2022 APGA Innovation award to be presented as part of the association’s annual convention on Monday 26 September. A representative of the company, Charly Ribeiro, will be in attendance at the event and on the Tremco Pipeline Equipment stand to discuss the capabilities of all the ONIS products. 

Tremco Pipeline Equipment is the Australian, NZ and PNG agent for ONIS products. For more information, contact Brett Trembath on
(07) 3344 1066 or email sales@tremcopipeline.com.au.

For more information visit the Tremco Pipeline Equipment website.

This article is featured in the September edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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