A pipeline of opportunities: GD Pipelines

Mr Greene says that GD Pipelines’ parent company the Greene Group was constructing a pipeline in northern Queensland in 2004, when the company found that there was a large gap in “˜Tier 1′ contractors with systems and processes in place, such as an embedded culture of safety, cost-constrol management and timely delivery, to construct pipeline projects valued between $5-15 million.

Research on the issue found that the larger players that had previously occupied the space had moved on to higher value projects, in the realm of $50-100 million and above. This was mainly due to industry growth and the need for larger pipeline projects to be undertaken.

“The companies that had moved into the “˜Tier 2′ segment had once been very small players and had developed from the ground up without necessarily having the requisite systems and process knowledge in place,” Mr Greene says.

In order to fulfil the 2004 contract, the Greene Group put the pieces of a company together by combining its management team with a local earthworks company and a pipeline welder. The new company is now known as GD Pipelines, and has successfully filled that gap in the market.

Since then, Mr Greene says that GD Pipelines has forged a reputation for performance in the Queensland’s Gulf region for its approaches to overcoming and managing risks in remote locations.

The right timing

Mr Greene says that in hindsight it was perfect timing to start a pipeline business in Queensland. The company had around five years to create and implement project management execution systems specifically for delivering water, slurry and gas pipelines.

“These systems provide visible and current information on safety, schedule, budget and specification in daily and weekly reports that provide stakeholders with the tools to manage risk,” he says.

“We believe it is only those companies that have robust systems, processes and practices that are embedded into their culture, who will be able to keep pace with the expected growth in the pipeline industry in Queensland.”

Areas of business

GD Pipelines commenced its construction of large water and wastewater pipeline projects on mine sites in the far north of Queensland. Today the company is also focusing on being a significant player in the gas gathering business.

“Three years ago we saw that our traditional core skills of constructing high-density polyethylene pipelines could be used in this new business area of gas gathering. We have had three years of continuous work in gas gathering and predict that we will see our largest growth coming as a result of our work in the oil and gas sector,” says Mr Greene.

GD Pipelines’ clients include Rio Tinto Alcan, BHP, Arrow Energy, Eastern Star Gas, Molopo Energy and Westside. The company has also worked on a subcontract basis to large engineering firms such as Worley Parsons, Bechtel and Hatch Associates.

Mr Greene says “We can contract directly to the client or we are equally as comfortable working underneath a Tier 1 contractor. Companies find that there is no need to put a lot of overheads above our company because we have embedded the practices of safety, quality, cost management and reporting into the way we work every day. This is the GD Pipelines point of difference.”

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