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Vermeer Australia

As the Australian pipeline and gas communities gather in Perth for the 55th Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Convention and Exhibition, Vermeer is once again partnering with the must-attend event for the gas, oil, water and slurry pipeline industries.

As one of the premier equipment suppliers to the Australian pipeline industry, Vermeer has been a proud partner of the annual convention since 1999, when its partnership with the APGA began.

The APGA Convention is legendary on the annual conference calendar, providing pipeliners and gas industry professionals with four days to network, mingle, learn and socialise with each other, establishing and deepening the partnerships that keep these industries turning.

At this year’s convention, Vermeer will be promoting track trencher equipment, as well as its leading horizontal directional drill technology.

As in previous years, the Australian team will also be joined on the stand and at the social events by product and pipeline specialists from the United States, who will be on hand to share the latest coaching techniques and productivity gains experienced by utilising Vermeer equipment worldwide.

Vermeer Australia’s general manager Jeff Lawson has been involved in all of the APGA Conventions Vermeer has been a part of, and is looking forward to another fantastic four days of industry gatherings in Perth.

Vermeer Australia
The APGA Golf Day supported by Vermeer Australia.

“For me, being a part of the APGA Convention every year, showcasing our market-leading track trenching equipment, is always a highlight on our calendar,” Lawson said.

“The APGA Golf Day, which we also support, stands out each year as a great opportunity for us to showcase a wide range of our equipment to the industry outdoors, where it is put to work in the field by our customers.

“Some of the equipment we’ve been able to showcase at the Golf Day has included our track trenchers, horizontal directional drills, vacuum excavators, rubber tyre trenchers, pile drivers, and mini skid steers.”

According to Lawson, the partnership between APGA and Vermeer is extremely important, not just at an Australian level, but on a global level as well.

“APGA attracts members of the global pipeline industry, as well as our own global representatives, and year-on-year, provides invaluable networking opportunities, insights into the latest safety HSME and ESG policies and expectations of the pipeline industry, and most importantly, the event allows us to be at the forefront of the major upcoming projects,” Lawson said.

Having been involved with the APGA and the Convention for more than 20 years, Lawson has enjoyed close relationships with a number of APGA Presidents and is grateful for the contribution each has made to the industry over the years.

“The last few Presidents, current President, Donna McDowall, and Immediate Past President, Tony O’Sullivan, have really pushed the importance of gas for the Australian energy sector and to the greater Australian population,” Lawson said.

“In addition, their advocacy in the safety field is world-class, and has led to changes to Vermeer equipment, with the addition of some safety mechanisms which were designed in line with the APGA HSE Committee.

“From our point of view, we’ve also really appreciated the creation of the Suppliers Committee, which has brought the suppliers to the APGA together as one, with one voice which is represented by the APGA.”

Vermeer Australia
Vermeer Australia has been a partner of the APGA Convention since 1999.

According to Lawson, the Vermeer and APGA partnership has been beneficial since its inception, and it’s one that Jeff sees continuing for many years to come.

“APGA is a very important industry association that we will continue to support in years to come, and we look forward to a long and prospering partnership.”

This article featured in the September edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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