A look at Australia’s energy priorities

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As the cost of living climbs, and energy prices along with it, how does the everyday Australian feel about the nation’s energy aspirations? The Australian Pipeliner takes a look at the data.

The survey had a sample of 2005 citizens of varying age, location, education and gender.

It was found that voters strongly support a shift to renewable energy sources, and overwhelmingly prefer that any increase in electricity supply comes from solar or wind.

Voters are skeptical that Australia will meet its greenhouse gas emission targets, and less than half rate the performance of the Federal Government on the transition to renewable energy as good or very good.

However, voters also prioritise cost and reliability of energy over emission reductions. This has increased to 61 per cent from 59 per cent earlier this year.

This reflects the rising cost of energy, with 81 per cent of voters feeling overwhelmingly negative about the cost of electricity from all sources.

Additionally, voters were not willing to pay more for renewable energy, with the preference for a shift to renewables almost completely elastic.

A small majority of voters supported an increase in the energy supplied from natural gas, which also saw the largest growth in support (for an increase in supply) over the past three months (at 57 per cent, up from 53 per cent at the start of the year).

Most voters say they support new gas projects if it means the faster retirement of coal fired power stations.

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