A critical maintenance partner

When it comes to safeguarding oil and gas infrastructure, ACC Corporate leads the charge with tailored pipeline maintenance services.

Building on its foundations first formed in 1992, ACC Corporate’s product range has grown to encompass valve service products, grease injection pumps and valve fittings.

For over 30 years, ACC Corporate has catered for the offshore market, providing lubricants, sealant, grease fittings and grease injection pumps for pipeline operators.

Through this extensive experience, the company has proven that regular lubrication of pipeline valves will allow the valves to function correctly.

Maintaining pipeline valve integrity is an important focus for pipeline operators. Image: ACC Corporate

One specific product that has proved popular among pipeline operators is the grease gun, which is available as hydraulic foot-operated and air operated.

The ACC hydraulic foot-operated grease injection fun is an easy-to-operate and lightweight unit that provides an extremely fast discharge rate.

The product is ideal for situations where compressed air is not available and comes complete with an aluminium frame, a 10,000PSI hydraulic pump and a ‘J’ or ‘K’ grease stick barrel.

A versatile unit, the pump works well in offshore and onshore projects and is recommended for field, plant, and platform applications.

The air operated grease gun is also lightweight and provides ease to operators with its fast discharge rate.

This pump also comes with an aluminium frame, a 10,000PSI hydraulic pump, a ‘J’ or ‘K’ grease stick barrel and a carrying case.

Also recommended for offshore and onshore projects, the air operated grease gun is designed to pump standard and special materials including lubricants, sealants, packing and cleaners.

Both units are also used for hydrostatic testing on pipelines and wellheads, with many Australian pipeline service companies using both products.

As the company has evolved its product offering, so too has its ability to provide personnel to conduct on-site valve maintenance.

ACC Corporate technicians can ease pipeline operators minds by conducting integrity checks.

Each ACC technician has training to identify faults and provide solutions to ensure the pipeline valves are fully functional.

This includes testing of valve seats and cycling operations.

To assist in the maintenance of the pipeline valves, ACC Corporate has several products perfect for the job.

The company’s range of valve flush, lubricants and sealants are designed to provide lubrication and sealing qualities for pipeline ball valves.

With a focus on providing efficient support services for its customers, ACC also provides a 24/7 phone service for field technicians to discuss any specific issue and seek assistance from ACC personnel.

Expanding on this, ACC Corporate prioritises safety and implements various initiatives to minimise risks.

These include utilising an online integrated management system to log risks and improvements, implementing online health and safety e-learning modules, electing a Health and Safety Representative to be the voice of its workers, a drug and alcohol testing program and safety refreshers at all staff meetings.

With its number one goal to meet client objectives, the company follows strict quality and conformance checks on all projects and follows recommended guidelines.

Throughout its journey over the last 30 years, ACC Corporate has developed its highly experienced team of professionals to ensure the effective development and management of its products and services.

The company prides itself on its fast response to demands and ability to adapt its offerings to comply with the various complexity of different client requirements.

For more information, visit acc-corporate.com

This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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