A better way to connect, share and innovate with stakeholders

X-Info Connect facilitates the effective tracking and control of any number of important project components. This may include landowners, stakeholders, Native Title groups, government bodies, tenements and other items that are central to the project’s success. Contact details, history of correspondence, milestones, processes and documents are all stored to ensure integral information is never lost.

In addition, unique fields can be entered into the X-Info Connect database, enabling the creation of specialised reports. The system also works in “˜offline’ mode if a network connection is not available for those people in the field.

The X-Info Connect can even link to Mipela GeoSolution’s web mapping software, which allows the integration of project specific information on a map with other layers of GIS spatial information.

    Other major product enhancements include:

  • Customisable layout and organisation of data input and output screens;
  • A faster and more robust software core;
  • Support for embedding rich media like maps, images and documents; and,
  • Multiple simultaneous database connections within a single instance of X-Info Connect.

For more information visit www.mipela.com.au

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