3M Scotchkote: protecting pipelines from corrosion

3M’s industry experience and innovative technologies have resulted in a complete line of quality coatings under the Scotchkote brand, making 3M a global leader in pipeline corrosion protection.

3M Scotchkote Liquid Epoxy 323i is a two-part liquid epoxy coating designed to protect metal, concrete and other surfaces from corrosion. The product can be used as a patch material, girthweld coating, or as a stand-alone internal or external pipeline coating for corrosion protection. Scotchkote 323i has excellent adhesion, and is tough, durable and field-proven with ten years of global application history. It is also 100 per cent solids, which means low volatile organic emissions and less damage to the environment during application.

Scotchkote 323i is also suitable for potable water applications, being certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components as well as meeting AWWA requirements.

In addition to the performance of the coating, a key advantage of Scotchkote 323i is its ease of application, which has recently become even simpler with the introduction of the 3M Scotchkote Spray System HSS-450. The HSS-450 system utilises a dual-cartridge set-up along with unique application equipment designed specifically to spray apply Scotchkote 323i. This system enables more efficient application and results in less waste.

3M’s newest technology platform under the Scotchkote brand comprises one-part, heat-curable thermosetting hybrid epoxy-polyolefin pipeline coating systems, which represents a technology breakthrough in the industry. For example, 3M Scotchkote PNC1011 Field Joint Coating, which was released in May 2010, has demonstrated better durability and enhanced adhesion, and is easier to apply than current three-layer systems.

The improvements in material properties allow Scotchkote PNC1011 to be used offshore in harsh conditions. This new system bonds without an additional adhesive layer and provides superior protection and reliability to the joint where the pipes are welded together in the field, as well as reducing the complexity of application. Scotchkote PNC1011 can be applied quickly to pipe joints, helping offshore pipe installations to be completed smoothly and efficiently.

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