GAMAA report shows electrifying gas appliances costly

A new report shows the cost for Victorian households to transition their gas appliances to electric appliances could be much more than estimated by the recently released Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap, said APGA national policy manager Jordan McCollum.

The report, commissioned by the Gas Appliances Manufacturers Association found that $1600 to $4000 would have to be saved on electricity bills every year to recover the cost of electrification for free standing homes, said McCollum.

“And yet the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap estimates households will save just $1025 to $1250 a year on electricity bills, leaving many households well out of pocket.

“The report finds that Victorians could save from $7500 to $15,500 by retrofitting renewable gas ready appliances rather than converting to all electric appliances.

Replacing those appliances with similar electric ones would cost from $21,500 to $42,000. Even future energy cost savings would fail to recover the additional amount spent on electrification as the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap shows,” said McCollum.

According to McCollum, hydrogen is already being injected into the gas distribution system in SA and in NSW.

“This gas is carbon free and can be made using excess renewable electricity and then stored in pipelines until needed. Reaching net zero by 2050 will be a challenge, so we need to keep all our options open, especially those which are most affordable,” said McCollum.

“As a nation, we must keep our future options for renewable gas open as studies of many aspects of moving to net-zero suggest it is a very affordable option.”

To read more on the report, click here.

For more information, visit APGA’s website.

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