Serving up the highest quality pipeline services

PipeServ specialises in providing quality products and services to all sectors of the pipeline industry, including owners and operators, refineries, plants, and offshore facilities and projects.

With more than 30 years of industry experience and an infallible commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions for any client’s specific needs and requirements, PipeServ continues to work alongside leading industry manufacturers to provide leading repair and maintenance solutions. 

The company has been involved in many repair and rehabilitation projects in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia, providing solutions to look after pipe spools, pipelines and heat exchangers.

PipeServ is always looking to enhance and modify its product and service offerings, and its current inventory of equipment is both comprehensive and advanced. 


Brand new to the Australian market, PipeServ is now offering Ovolifts to pipeline professionals around Australia.

This equipment is a proven global solution for on-stream pipe inspections and remediation programs thanks to a unique and patented technology, developed in conjunction with the petrochemical industry, for providing safe access to multiple pipe touchpoints in a live environment.

Ovolift systems achieve lifting heights of up to 6 inches (152 mm), ideal for performing non-destructive testing, maintenance or improvements, and lifting is done remotely using hydraulic rams to avoid personnel exposure and risks.

The lift is then vertically secured, declared a static structure (rather than a suspended load) and therefore safe to conduct work underneath.

These pipe lifts are achieved without the need of cranes, saving them for larger and heavier scopes.

Composite repair wraps

ClockSpring|NRI is the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipeline repair solutions, and PipeServ has access to the full suite of highly engineered composite repair, rehabilitation, and construction solutions for critical infrastructure.

ClockSpring|NRI’s products are designed to provide structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention for pipeline and process piping applications. 

These proven solutions are quick to install, cost-effective, and can be installed without service interruption. Once cured, these repairs make the repaired pipe stronger than the original, allowing personnel to continue operating at the maximum allowable operating pressure.

The “ATLAS” carbon fibre wrap has been tested and used on pipeline crack repairs. 

Pipeline repair sleeves

PipeServ supplies RAMFILL steel reinforcement sleeves, which are designed per AS2885/API/ANSI/ASME standards and are easy and quick to install on pipelines in operation.

The sleeves provide full encapsulation repair and are rated to the pipeline design pressures and temperatures as specified by the client.

RAMFILL sleeves are available in any size or shape needed for pipeline repair or encapsulation of valves, flanges or fittings.

The epoxy filler is multi-purpose – providing for corrosion protection, leak sealing and for load transfer of pipeline to sleeve. O

nce installed, the RAMFILL repair sleeve restores safety of operation to the pipeline in the area where the welding is reinforced by restoring the stress resistance to equal or higher values of the original conditions of the pipeline. 

Repair clamps

Romacon Petro is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure pipeline repair products for offshore and onshore transmission pipelines for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

These various pipeline repair solutions are designed and manufactured in various pressure classes (up to ANSI 1500#) with the knowledge that Romacon Petro is ISO 9001 certified. 

PipeServ offers Romacon Petro boltable and weldable split sleeves and repair clamps used for making permanent repairs to onshore and offshore pipelines, and these clamps are supplied with radiographic, hydrostatic and mill certificates. 

Grouted tee

DNV’s grouted tee is an alternative to welded hot tap and plug fittings for high- and low-pressure pipelines that does not require the expense of major welding operations.

This fitting involves placing two half shells, one containing the new branch, around the pipe and bolting them together. 

The shell is sized to allow an annular gap between the bore of the shells and the outside diameter of the parent pipe.

In this annular gap a “saddle” seal, positioned around the neck of the branch pipe, is compressed by a controlled amount, and the area outside the seal is then filled with grout which, when set, bonds the pipe to the outer shell.  

The seal is designed to provide the full pressure containment, while the grout provides a mechanical connection between the pipe and the grouted tee.

This fitting has been designed, tested and qualified for a 50-year service life.

The DNV grouted tee is suitable for standard and heavy wall pipelines but, greater still, suitable for thin-wall pipelines.

For more information visit the PipeServ website.

This article was featured in the July 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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