PipeServ offering world-leading lift system

The Ovolift system is a safe, practical and proven solution for on-stream pipe inspections and remediation.

PipeServ is one of Australia’s leaders in pipe rehabilitation and repair and the company said it continually strives to enhance and modify its product and service offerings. 

PipeServ is now offering a new solution for lifting in-service pipes in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, unique to the domestic market.   

Ovolifts is a pipe lifting system that enables inspection, corrosion prevention and maintenance on multiple pipe touchpoints while lines are on-stream.  

This solution is safe and productive, eliminating the necessity for cranes or costly plant closures.  

Ovolift systems enable remote lifting using hydraulics, allowing the operator to stand at a safe distance from the mechanism, avoiding personnel exposure and risk.  

The hydraulic rams can lift to a height of up to 6 inches (152 mm), ideal for performing non-destructive testing, maintenance or improvements.  

The system can also lift multiple pipes on a pipe rack in a single lifting operation.  

Ovolifts is a safe solution for addressing corrosion under pipes, as it provides a static structure for inspection and maintenance.  

Using unique and patented technology developed in conjunction with the petro-chemical industry, Ovolifts provides safe access to multiple pipe touchpoint in live environments. 

The multi-jack design lifts multiple pipes from any type of surface, adhering to the pipe stress curve and operating within engineered limits.  

For more information visit the PipeServ website. 

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