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Welding machines keep plastic fantastic

Global entity RITMO S.P.A facilitates the implementation of quality plastic pipe across a range of industries, including energy, water and mining.

Headquartered approximately 40 km from Venice, Italy, RITMO S.P.A has been producing welding machines for plastic pipes since 1979.

It currently has more than 100 staff and 15 patented technical solutions, with production taking place entirely in Italy and all work phases managed internally to allow for maximum flexibility and production autonomy.

RITMO produces a wide variety of products, ranging from butt welders, to electrofusion, polyfusion welding and plastic extruders.

The company offers multiple accessories and manufactures special machinery to produce unique equipment, as well as band-saws to cut plastic pipe.

Today, RITMO has more than 100 products in its catalogue and offers a complete range of welding machines for pipes up to 1,600 mm in diameter.

The technological quality on offer has allowed RITMO to consistently grow as a company, with exported products now representing approximately 90 per cent of production.

RITMO products are sold in more than 130 countries, including Australia and New Zealand where they have been available since the late 1990s.

RITMO welders are used in the civil and industrial construction sectors in both established and developing countries.

The wide reach of its brand provides RITMO with the technical knowledge of conditions ranging from scorching deserts, to cold Scandinavian climates and the humidity of the tropics.

This knowledge is transferred into its products resulting in constant refinement and improvement.

RITMO’s primary focus is on the butt welding of pipes, and this market is only increasing.

The company offers a set of products for every need, be it hydraulic welders, welders with an automated welding cycle, CNC models, or high-productivity technological welders.


The EASY LIFE line is able to perform automated welding processes thanks to its electro-hydraulic control unit, where the control centre operation simplifies onsite work by avoiding human errors.

This is achieved through a continuous dialogue between hardware and software with the exchange of data during all phases of work.

Once the welding parameters have been entered, the electronic system ensures the work cycle can be consistently repeated.

The operator can validate the work phases the control unit requires by simply pressing a button.

The software continuously monitors the progress of these phases, and records each step in an internal memory, generating up to 4,000 welding reports in PDF format which is downloadable via a USB port to an external memory.

The system can also create an archive of up to 50 predefined settings of the most frequently used working parameters.

To implement the features of this system and connect to the control centre, operators can us a “SET & GO PRO” app on their smartphone.

Within a few easy steps, the welding machine is configured according to international welding standards (ISO, DVS, UNI, ASTM etc) and the calculation of the working parameters has never been so quick, functional, and safe.

In addition, each site is photographically identified through the app, making the pipes and the welding operator traceable.

With this system extension, professional reports are generated that “certify” the quality of the welding, making the sharing of welding reports quick and easy.

RITMO offers this technology on seven welding machines from ranges of 40 to 630 mm.



Introduced in 2021, RITMO’s REMEDY high-tech welding machines serve as an expansion to its ALL TERRAIN line.

Entering the market in 2006, the ALL TERRAIN line immediately distinguished itself thanks to its onboard generator, mobility, ease of use, hydraulic movements of the cutter and heating plate, and the opening and closing feature of its clamps.

The welders operate according to the ISO 21307 High Pressure and ASTM F2620 standards.

The REMEDY 500 and REMEDY 1000 models are natural additions to the ALL TERRAIN line, capable of tracked carriages to allow operation in even more extreme conditions and working ranges of Ø 200-500 mm for the REMEDY 500 model, and Ø 355-1,000 mm for the REMEDY 1000 model.

REMEDY models are available with manual hydraulic welding control or CNC control.

The option of a manually controlled welding cycle gives the user greater flexibility and allows work to be tailored according to jobsite conditions.

REMEDY 1000 is able to overcome slopes of up to 30 per cent, while the use of a remote control allows operators to move the welding machines from distances of up to 100 m.

For more information visit the RITMO S.P.A website. 

This article is featured in the May 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner

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